Who we are

Clearsights is a dynamic real estate management company that specializes in full service management in the condominium market and we also offer advisory services to our clients.

Our mission

To build communities our customers are proud to call home.

What we believe

Nick founded Clearsights after witnessing first-hand as a condo owner and board member how much the condo management industry needed a fresh start.  Motivated to start a company that is transparent and has a relentless focus on customer satisfaction he believes that innovative solutions and approaches can address the problems that plague the industry.

Our values guide us in achieving excellence:

– Deliver the WOW! factor by focusing on providing the best customer experience possible
– Build open and honest relationships with communication
– Build positive outcomes by looking for solutions
– Our customer’s privacy is guarded and will never be advertised, disclosed or sold.
– Provide expertise and guide association co-owners on best practices and standards
– Keep current in the latest developments affecting associations in various areas such as building code, fire and safety, legal,
energy efficiency, urban development and new technologies.
– We’ve got it! The little things are taken care of so that you have peace of mind
– Effort is invested in solutions rather than selling them. A raving fan is the best customer we can have.

– Information is clear and simple and is easy to find and drives a seamless experience. The details are relevant and not distracting.
– No jargon is used and communications are personal.
– Our tools provide answers and solutions at your fingertips and work so well so you don’t have to consider how they might have been designed differently.
– We don’t talk down; respect is mutual
– Information is offered in the official languages and in as many formats as possible.
– Push the boundaries of the art of the possible by embracing and driving change to do things better.
– Work to the best possible standard, and be the standard.
– We do things differently, we are pioneers and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.
– Learning is a continuous process for us which fosters a diverse and knowledgeable team prosper.
– Looking at the cutting edge and planning ahead lets us be relevant and prepared for the future.
– We focus on what creates genuine value vs. the fashion of the day.
– We strive to affect lives positively by sharing our knowledge and expertise.
– Work effort is invested and priority is given to the items that have the largest impact
– Passion is the signature of the perseverance and exuberance of our people
– Innovation, creativity, and open-mindedness is encouraged
– Be bold: Take a risk; give it a try
– Consistent delivery makes us move the small as well as the big rocks