Clearsights is dedicated to unrivalled peace of mind for condo boards and co-owners alike. We work to make sure your property is well managed, well maintained and that there are no surprises – true peace of mind.


  • Dedicated to service – we know how important your issues are, which is why we address them quickly and don’t stop until you are satisfied
  • 24 hour request response – you won’t be waiting for days without having your issues resolved or addressed
  • Emergency 24 hour line – from fire to flood to theft, we are available on call for emergencies with a list of approved suppliers to assure fast resolution


  • Document depository – all syndicate documents, meeting minutes and other useful resources are kept on file and up to date
  • Online access – we offer co-owners and boards the ability to read and access the latest documents online, anytime
  • Regular communication – Regular follow ups and news updates to co-owners ensure that everyone is fully informed
  • Full disclosure – We believe that everything we do is worth sharing, and that information is to be shared, not concealed


  • Financial rigor – From small receipts for cleaning supplies to major repairs, all financials are thoroughly checked and verified
  • Extreme organization – We believe that organization is key, and that everything should be accessible and understandable as needed, when needed
  • 360 degree view of condo financials, issues, and future opportunities – we are visionaries in terms of both managing today and seeing the issues and possibilities for improvements in the future